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Rifle mag pouch Scout

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Rifle mag pouch Scout
Rifle mag pouch Scout
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Quick access KDL pouch is designed to carry two 30 rounds magazines for 5,56x45 NATO (.223 rem) cartridge - M16, M4, HK-416 or Steyr AUG.

Distinguishing features:
1. Elastic cord enables adjusting the resistance while drawing magazines, and protects against accidental dropping.
2. Buckles and Velcro mounted flap allows the use of others than included in the set, including the classic flap and the "boxed". Different flaps sold separately.
3. Flap is secured with elastic cord, so getting access to the magazine takes only one move. The open flap does not interfere with drawing the magazine and does not fall back, blocking access to magazines.
4. Instead of elastic cord, paracord can be used. Paracord in combination with buckle completely protects against accidental loss of magazines.
5. Opening of the pouch is not accompanied by unnecessary noise from Velcro straps.
6. Can take magazines with and without magpull.
7. Mounting system compatible with PALS and additionally allows to mount horizontally on a belt.
8. Made of 1000D Cordura.

Product covered with Lifetime Warranty.

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