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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on SAG products

Principles of liability and complaints procedure .

§ 1

Company SAG, hereinafter referred to as Manufacturer , warrants to the purchaser that SAG brand goods are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at Manufacturer’s opinion. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for any loss or damage, to person or property.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. However, as far as we can, we will try to fix worn goods at an affordable price.

§ 2

Procedure for submitting complaints. Terms of service.

Warranty is limited to the direct Purchaser and is not transferable . Any claim relating to goods complying with the conditions of this warranty may be made only by the Purchaser who purchased the goods directly from the Manufacturer or from one of its distributors.

1. Goods in complaint must be delivered in person or by carrier (freight forwarder) to the manufacturer or distributor from whom the goods were purchased:

1.1 In case of delivery by carrier - this is done at the expense of the Purchaser.

2 Conditions of acceptance of the goods delivered in the manner set out in paragraph 1 are:

• A copy of the purchase invoice, bill or receipt must be provided.

• The goods must be complete, none of its parts missing.

• The goods must be cleaned prior to delivery.

3. In the case of personal delivery of goods, the confirmation of the goods submission is provided at the premises.

4. The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences of loss of the above document.

5. In the case of delivery by means of a carrier (freight forwarder) the confirmation of the goods submission is the bill of lading signed by an employee of the Manufacturer or its Distributor.

5.1. The Manufacturer reserves the right to reject the complaint and return the goods to the Purchaser at his expense , if:

• The buyer does not fulfill the conditions specified in Section 2.

• The status of the consignment is different from that described in the attached documents.

• The consignment consists of goods not purchased directly from the Manufacturer or one of its distributors.

5.2. The return of the goods referred to in section 5.1, or express of any non-compliance should take place within three working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

5.3. Within three working days buyer may submit objections to the state of the goods sent back to him by the Manufacturer. The three-day term starts from the date of receipt of the goods (date of signature on the bill of lading by the Buyer).

5.4. If none of the reservations listed in Section 5.1 are raised within the period specified in section 5.2 , and none objections are raised by the Purchaser within the period specified in Section 5.3, it constitutes as acceptance of the shipment .

6. Service dates:

The manufacturer will repair or replace the goods submitted under complaint within 30 working days from the date of acceptance . Exceptions are all products made for special order.

7. Releasing goods in complaint:

7.1. In order to collect the goods delivered personally the original document of acceptance is required.

7.2. Sending back to Buyer’s  address via the carrier (freight forwarder) is done at the expense of the Manufacturer or Distributor.


§ 3

The loss of the warranty

1 Loss of warranty occurs if:

1.1. Changes or modifications to products were made, other than those ​​by the Manufacturer.

1.2. Product damage was caused by negligence or use of the product not in accordance with its intended purpose.

1.3. Mechanical, chemical or thermal damage to the product was ascertained, both intentional or accidental.

All matters not covered by these Rules shall be governed by the Civil Code of the Republic of Poland.


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