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Adventurer Camera bag Large Adventurer Camera bag Large 190,00 zł 446,00 zł

Protector Gun bag Medium Protector Gun bag Medium 365,00 zł 520,00 zł

Protector Gun bag Large Protector Gun bag Large 410,00 zł 580,00 zł

Protector Gun bag XL Protector Gun bag XL 420,00 zł 600,00 zł

Protector Gun bag Small Protector Gun bag Small 350,00 zł 490,00 zł

T-Shirt gray Have Gun (male) T-Shirt gray Have Gun (male) 16,00 zł 49,00 zł

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LEO Modular vest LEO Modular vest
Price: 219,00 zł

Tactical vest in MOLLE system.

LEO Modular vest Advanced LEO Modular vest Advanced
Price: 239,00 zł

IPV Tactical Vest in MOLLE system, upgraded version.

Raider chest Raider chest
Price: 230,00 zł

Lightweight chestrig.

Raider chest Large Raider chest Large
Price: 270,00 zł

Large chestrig

Scout plate carrier Scout plate carrier
Price: 240,00 zł 620,00 zł

Lightweight vest designed to carry ballistic plates.

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UltraThin chestrig Assault UltraThin chestrig Assault
Price: 230,00 zł

Kosntrukcję UltraThin ChestRig oparto na elastycznej ścianie przedniej.

UltraThin chestrig Assault Large UltraThin chestrig Assault Large
Price: 260,00 zł

UltraThin Chestrig construction is based on elastic front panel.  

UltraThin chestrig Patrol UltraThin chestrig Patrol
Price: 220,00 zł

Kosntrukcję UltraThin ChestRig  oparto na elastycznej ścianie przedniej.

UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large
Price: 260,00 zł

UltraThin Chestrig construction is based on elastic front panel.  



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